Gikan Ryu Koppojutsu Happo Hiken

Specializes in Koppojutsu, Originally founded by Sonyu Hangan Gikanbo, lord of Kawachi.

(I seen you listed some material from Gikan ryu, the 24 kata listed are not from the Gikan ryu, somebody started teaching that set as Gikan ryu, it is really Asayama Ichiden ryu. As far as I know no kata from Gikan ryu have been taught. Where somebody got Asayama Ichiden ryu is most likely from a Genbukan video, Tanemura for shodan requires those 24 kata. Bruce)

Does anyone have the real Gikan Ryu?


Kamae (is this real? it is from a different source than the other stuff.)

  1. Shiten no kamae
  2. Hachiku no kamae
  3. Ichimonji no kamae
  4. Sanposhin no kamae
  5. Hira Ichimonji no kamae

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