Training Tools and Weapons

OK, for those of you out there that know everything I need help with this section.
What Tools and Weapons go with which ryu?

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Pole Arms
Bo - 6 foot staff
Jo - 4 to 4.5 foot staff
Hanbo - 3 foot staff
Shinobi-zue - ninja cane
Tessen - iron war fan
Yari - spear
Naginata - halberd
Bisento - broad-bladed halberd

Edged Weapons
Ken - sword
Boken - wooden sword
Shini - bamboo sword

Flexable Tools
Kyoketsu Shoge - metal ring one 12 foot rope with hook knife on other end
Kusari-fundo - 2 foot chain with weights on ends
Kusari-gama - chain with scythe on one end and a weight on the other
Kaginawa - rope with grappelling hook

Projectile Tools And Explosives Devices
Shuriken - throwing star
Yumi and Ya - bow and arrows
Bo shuriken - throwing stick
Kayaku - fire and explosives
Tanegashima - rifle (and other guns)
Ohzutsu - mortar
Sodezutsu - hand cannon
Nagedeppo - grenades
Umebi - land mines

Odds and Ends
Neko te - fingertip claws
Fukiya - blowguns
Toami jutsu - fish net
Shuko and Ashiko- hand and foot claws
Tetsubishi - jacks
Igadama - ball caltrops
Metsubushi - sight removers