Most of this is from the Ninpo-L. And lots of it was posted by John Lindsey (Thanks).

Separated into approximately 108 scrolls over time.

Shinmei Shi no Hiden (4 main Families who hold scrolls)

  1. Amatsu Tatara Nakatomi Hibumi (Nakatomi and Kuki Family)
  2. Amatsu Tatara Kishin no Hibumi (Otomo Family)
  3. Amatsu Tatara Hisshin Ginkoroku (Monobe Family) 22 scrolls
  4. Amatsu Tatara Rinpo Hiden (Abe Family)

Ninpo roots are found in the scroll called Ryusen no Maki of Hisshin Ginkoroku and the Izumo Hishoden collection of scrolls. Highest teachings placed in the Ryoko no Maki (Tiger and dragon scrolls) known separately as the Ryu no maki and the Tora no maki.

Amatsu Tatara Hibumi no Maki

(Main Scrolls)

  1. Hibumi Shiron
  2. Shinpi Kansei no Maki
  3. Kanseiron no Maki
  4. Shinrihen no Maki
  5. Kanagihen no Maki
  6. Hokyo Hiden no Maki
  7. Tenmon Chimon no Maki
  8. Chikujo no Maki
  9. Jinei no Maki
  10. Gunrykau no Maki
  11. Juho Kajutsu no Maki
  12. Kishajutsu no Maki
  13. Kenpo Hisohen no Maki
  14. Sojutsu Hibumi no Maki
  15. Naginata Hishohen no Maki
  16. Bojutsu Hihohen no Maki
  17. Jutaijutsu Kappohen no Maki
  18. Bekkan

Information taken from the Amatsu Tatara can be found in the following ryuha:

  1. Kukishin/Kukishinden ryu
  2. Kijin Chosui ryu
  3. Shinden Tatara ryu
  4. Takagi Yoshin ryu
  5. Togakure ryu
  6. Hakuun ryu
  7. Gyokko ryu
  8. Koto ryu
  9. Gikan ryu
  10. Shinden Fudo ryu


Kukishin ryu

Takagi Yoshin ryu

Hakuun Ryu

Tanemura Sensei's scrolls:

This is how the scrolls are broken down in the Hontai Takagi Yoshin ryu:

Hontai Takagi Yoshin ryu Jujutsu Menkyo:

A couple of the ryuha can be connected to specific scrolls:

In March Tenwa 9 (1640's) the Amatsu Tatara was rewritten and reorganized by Fujiwara no Kamatari, who was awarded a copy by Emperor Tenchi (38th Tenno Tenchi). The original was divided into 5 scrolls, which were in turn divided into 36 sections and 9 subtitles. The most important scrolls were just as John wrote them out. However, it makes little sense unless without some description, so here is some:

There are a few to add to that - About 6 Kukishin derivatives

  1. Hon Tai Kukishin Chosui Ryu
  2. Betsu Den Kukishin Ryu
  3. Minaki Den Kukishin Ryu Bojutsu
  4. Nakatomi Hyoho
  5. Tenshin Hyoho
  6. Tatara Shinden Ryu (in addition to Shinden Tatara)
  7. Takagi Ryu
  8. Hon Tai Yoshin Ryu

Amatsu Tatara Kangiden Hanbojutsu

Goho no Kamae (Goho no Kurai)

  1. Otonashi no kamae
  2. Shinsen no kamae
  3. Kachimi no kamae
  4. Danpi no kamae
  5. Koutai no kamae