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Terms and Conditions: You give me your info including a good e-mail address and I send you notes to let you know about new site additions, seminar info, and class info . If you want to train with us then you must sign up! If you are a black belt under Bill Atkins my web site will give out more info including Bill style kata details. If you are a green belt with Bill Atkins, as your shihan, then you will get a bit less but still lots more. If you do not sign up then you will still get most of what you have had in the past. I hope that this works for you. If you have any ideas please let me know.

I will never let this data leave my computer of my own free will: I don't have the power to stop even one local cop with a warrant for your secrets. The only info I really need for seminar updates is your e-mail address but if you want into the center of the site leave it all because I would be in trouble if I gave out Shihan Black Belt information to the wrong person! There will be a confirmation e-mail sent out and you will not get in until you answer it and then only as a beginner till I check up on your information.

Thanks Douglas AKA Magick Raven

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