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Making a good promo web page.

Marketing Yourself And Or Your Product

Making a good promo web page.

Postby Douglas E Knapp » Fri May 21, 2010 10:32 am

What does a good web page need?
A nice picture with an alt description of it.
Name of your film and a the tagline.
A form so that the user can leave their name and email and get something free that is cool in return.
Reviews stating how cool your film is and testimonials about it.

Text that looks at the reasons the customer will benefit from watching your movie.

You should get a Google analyzer code into your page.
You should have XML site map that Google can use.
You should find out what keywords are used most by people looking to see your film and make sure to have them in the page.
Links to other pages that you respect
links FROM other pages that you do not link too (ya, hard to get!!). But you can help by talking up your film on other forums and blogs.
A blog about your movie is also a big plus on your site.
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