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  F A Q s

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from our clients.

What is Eastern Medicine?
What is Asian Medicine?
What is Oriental Medicine?

Eastern medicine can be broken down by country and style. The main country and style in the US schools right now is called TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). TCM can be broken down into 3 main branches: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Tuina. Many LAc can do all three but some only do one of the three (usually acupuncture) or they specialize in one main form.

What is Acupuncture?

Working with the qi parts of a person's body using; needles, heat, suction, scraping, point injection, electricity and other types of stimulation to special points on the body. You can also treat the blood, yin,yang and essence parts of the body with acupuncture.

What are Chinese Herbs?

They are plants, minerals and animals that are used to treat a person. They come in many forms including; tinctures, dried whole herbs, pills, oils, plasters, injections, and many other forms as well.

What is Tuina?

The Eastern take on physical medicine including, bone setting, message, Tui-na adjustments, stretching, Qi Gong and other forms. It can be used in ways you might not guess, like for treating diarrhea, hemiplegia, hypertension as well as the more obvious diseases like frozen shoulder, back pain or a fracture.

What is 5E or FIve Elements?

What is 5E acupuncture?

5E acupuncture is a style of acupuncture. I do not do it and would love to have an expert answer this question for me. Please email you answer to magick_raven@hotmail.com

The 5 Elements are
Wood -> Fire -> Earth -> Metal -> Water -> back to Wood. This is the generation cycle;
Mother -> Son relationship.

Wood -> Earth -> Water -> Fire -> Metal -> back to Wood. This is the controlling cycle.

If you do the conrolling cycle backward if is called counteracting. This is sickness.

You can also have the Mother overacting on the Son. Earth over-feeding Metal. This is sickness Also.



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