AAW E-mail Listserv

What is a listserv? A listserv is a group of people who all send e-mail to a central e-mail address and it sends the e-mail to all the people who belong to the listserv. It is a great forum for large groups of people who all share a common interest and live in distant locations to discuss the subject at hand.

The AAW listserv is for the discussion of topics central to to us, including techniques, laws, insurance, AAW and AOM politics and goals, and just to stay in touch with other AOM people from the World. We will also use this list to send out important AAW information and events. Think of it as the large friendly chat in the lunch room with a group of your peers.

To join just send and e-mail to conference-request@aaw.dhs.org with whatever as the subject and "subscribe" in the body of the e-mail.

For more advanced commands send and e-mail to the same address with "help" instead of subscribe as the message.

To post a message to the listserv send your e-mail to conference@aaw.dhs.org.

If you have any questions or problems send your question to Douglas E Knapp, Magick_raven@hotmail.com.